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"Shopping for a Living"

Sunday, January 28

The girls are off on a buying trip this Sunday through Tuesday. The anticipation of what we will find is always exciting, along with the added bonus of some serious girlfriend time! Our good friend Amy is coming along - it should be a blast.

If you're in the area Wednesday, stop by to see what we unearthed.


What's In Store

Thursday, January 25

Wondering what the cottage looks like these days? Here's a visual update. See anything you like?

6 weird things about Linda and Ann you may not know

Wednesday, January 24

Amy from inspire company tagged us in this game. We have to list 6 weird things about ourselves that people may not know about us- please don't judge...

Linda (only six!)
1. I never get a shopping cart when first entering my favorite shopping spots. I believe it completely jinxes any chance of finding good stuff.
2. I am a huge John Denver fan. I named my son Zachary after his son.
3. I am completely weird about mayonnaise. I never eat anything someone else has made with it.
4. I have a little ritual I go through with a brand new magazine. No one else can look at it before I do. I take my little shower at night, get into my comfy sweats, curl up in my chair, flick on the fire and devour every page.
5. I coordinate my Christmas wrapping paper and bows every year. There is always a color scheme and theme. This past Christmas, I wrapped in traditional reds and greens with different patterns in both colors and they had an old-fashioned Christmas look to them.
6. I always coordinate my shoes, belt, purse and watch band everyday.

Ann (okay, now it's my turn. . .)
1. I couldn't blow my nose, ride a bike, or swallow pills until I was about 9 years old. (Not all at the same time - - I still can't do that.)
2. I have a hard time drinking water. I don't really like the taste of it and it makes me feel like I'm suffocating sometimes when I drink it. (I actually met someone who feels the same way.)
3. My left hand has a single "life line", not a broken one like my right hand (and most likely both of yours.) Interestingly I have noted that a single life line is a characteristic of persons who have Down's Syndrome, like my wonderful sweet brother, who is one of the most wonderful people I know.
4. I'm crazy for James Taylor. I love his music and soulful blue eyes. Hell, I love everything about him. I named my firstborn after one of his sweet songs, "Sarah Maria", which I'd love to hear him sing in concert. O.K. James?
5. I can't throw away a living plant. No matter how pitiful and lifeless it becomes, I have to nourish it, because some little bit of life remains deep in its root base.
6. Right now in my sock drawer, which is full, there is only one matching pair.

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