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Breaker, Breaker...

Friday, February 2

Some things never disappoint, like the first sip of coffee in the morning, a chocolate fix when you're really craving it, and time away with your girlfriends laughing so hard that your diaphragm aches. Oh, we managed to get some shopping in too.
We're back! And we've layered the cottage with some wonderful treasures--great old finds, some amazing one-of-a-kinds, and lots of fun handmade items.
We were in some grungy places in our search for goodies and there was Amy, glowing in her sweet pinkness and leaving everyone she encountered starstruck in her wake. Imagine a human cupcake, iced with layers of pink fluff and topped with a big chocolate truffle. Her coat was a 3/4 length pink and cream tapestry with a pink fur collar. Around her neck she wore a sheer pink scarf that looked like cotton candy. She was topped with a brown boucle hat. And on her feet were the sweetest pink and brown sneakers. All of this after we'd told her to dress inconspicuously.
The ride home was an adventure in itself. Amy and Linda were in front of me in Linda's truck, filled with a happy load. I'm behind them in a 10-foot box truck. Out of nowhere comes this freak snowstorm. Cars were pulled over on the side of the road. Rescue vehicles were everywhere. As we ventured down the highway, my windshield was more and more encrusted with salt and road dirt. In my anxiety I couldn't work the windshield washer fluid dispenser. Add to that my night blindness and you'll begin to understand the nightmare journey home. I was sliding all over the road, trying to peer through a 1-inch clear space on the bottom of the windshield. I had the defroster was set so high that my nose hair was singeing and I had to crack the window to let frosty air in.
In my attempt to find the windshield washer switch, I blinked my lights (code for trouble). Amy and Linda spotted the signal and worried. When they looked back and saw me swerve from one side of the lane into the shoulder and back again, they surmised that I must be falling asleep at the wheel. We turned off at the next exit and stopped at a service station. It took 20 minutes and assistance from a good Samaritan to even pop the hood. Once we did and located the cap for the washer fluid, we were back on the road. I don't think a job as a truckdriver is in my future.
But what I am good at is finding really great things. And having a good time with my crazy friends.
That's a big 10-4 good buddy.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am sooo happy you guys decided to do a blog. I miss you guys and miss seeing the shop. At least this way I can get a fix by viewing the "Cottage" on line, a happy place to be indeed. How awesome everything is looking. I have a lot to tell you guys and hope to see you soon. Theresa/SFA

the tattered nest said...

I hate driving in those scary conditions...but the happy load in back of the truck, is somehow a motivator to get you home!I am new to blogging, check me out at the tattered nest! thanks, gail

Anonymous said...

Your shop looks wonderful, but where is it? Love the little childrens chairs!



I find your website LOVELY !!
Lot of nice colurs, just how i like them, and cozy country pictures.Inspired !

Greetings from a Norwegian girl who lives in The Netherlands

Unknown said...

I love the Valentine's Day tree. How festive. It must be just a joy to be surrounded by such beautiful things.


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