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Got bread, milk, toilet paper and dresser?

Monday, February 12

Ok, what's up with our behavior when snow is in the forecast?

You don't even need to be anywhere near a weather forecast to know when snow is imminent. Just walk down the bread aisle of any local grocery store and you'll know. That's true for a growing number of items now as we become more and more stock conscious. We're talking milk, toilet paper, water, eggs. You'd think the world was coming to a complete standstill at the advent of a single flake of the wintry mix.

I had a sweet customer come into the shop today with a new twist on this theme. She's shopping for a dresser, so when the inclement weather hits, she'll be ready to reorganize her bedroom. How's that for an overachiever. Pretty impressive, huh?

Could be great for business . . . Maybe we'll have a run on ottomans, overstuffed pillows, cozy bed linens and candles for those of us who are slightly less ambitious but definitely ready to embrace the opportunity to sweetly nest in the warm comfort of our homes while the snow artfully covers our world outside. Who needs food and water if your house looks good, right?

Hurry. Come on in and get your fix. I'll be waiting for you. Then together we can hit the grocery store, if there's anything left.

Stay warm my friends,



Funny story about that lady. I really love your store. So vibrant and colourful, just how i like it. And like i said before, your pictures gives me a lot of inspirations !
Have a happy and romantic Valentines day tomorrow :) Greetings from a Norwegian girl who lives in The Netherlands

Gypsy Purple said...

Glad I came to visit



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