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Amy's Birthday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21

Today isn't just March 21st, oh no sir-ree. It's not just good ole Wednesday, over-the-hump-day, smack-dab in the middle of the week day, oh no sir-ree. Today is our very sweet friend Amy Powers' birthday. Nobody and I mean nobody loves her birthday more than Miss Amy.
So Amy celebrate away- Ann and I hope your day is filled with pink balloons, cupcakes piled high with icing and sprinkles and presents galore.

Have a wonderful day Amy!

Love, Linda and Ann

If you are in the area tomorrow, stop by the cottage and celebrate with us!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy. Hope she had a great day. Good luck to her.
You have a really nice blog.
Drop into my blog on birthday greeting cards for loads of fun stuffs.

Anonymous said...

I love the postcard Amy had made for your Paris Flea Market. She's very talented! I had so much fun shopping at your Paris Flea Market and seeing all the hand-made items.


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