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The countdown begins!

Thursday, April 26

The vendors are beginning to bring in their wares and are filling our grounds with wonderment! You won't believe your eyes! I can hardly contain myself!!! The eye candy is beyond description!!! Click here to see what I'm drooling over.
The forecast for possible r*** isn't stopping them! It's "on with the show"!! So just in case the weatherman is right (how often does that happen?) bring your umbrella - that alone should be enough to stave off the weather!
N'oubliez pas a responder Dieux pour un bon jour de soleil! (Pardonnez moi mon Francais!)
A demain,


Rosemary said...

I'm so sad that I don't live near you. I would so love to come to the Paris Flea Market.
au revoir!

Mrs. Jones said...

Is opening time 10:00, or is it earlier for this event? Thanks!

Penny said...

I'm with Rosemary! I would have LOVED to come to your Paris Flea Market!

pedalpower said...

I wish I was close enough attend...I'm looking forward to pics of all the fun and fabulous finds!


Yes me too! That i dont live near by you! You are so inspiring!

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