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Friday, June 22

I just watched my firstborn walk across the stage to recieve her high school diploma. It was a special milestone, not that it isn't in and of itself but even more so because of a long turbulent school year rifled with a severe case of Senioritis. I wondered at times if we would ever get to this point. But we did. She did. And for that I am so thankful!

Now we begin a summer which I'm sure will be like no other followed by the ceremonious packing and send off to college. God, I feel old.

I have to say even though she's taller than me and has surpassed me in lots of other ways as well I still think of her as my little girl and I guess I always will. I remember when she had just a wisp of hair and a great affinity for balls. I remember her love for swinging. I remember her first icecream cone, her first boyfriend, the day she learned to ride a bike, her first sleep over and how sweet she looks when she's sleeping, even still.

She has taught me so much about love and has impressed me with her strength, drive and independence. I expect so much from her and for her. And hope that she finds in life all the joy that it holds.

Congratulations to all the graduates out there and to their parents!
Happy Summer,


Rosemary said...

Congrats to your daughter!!
I so know what you mean. 4 years ago my daughter graduated from college. Now she is getting married in October. I really feel old.
Have a great weekend!

Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

AWWW~ Congrats on this HUGE parental accomplishment!

Gypsy Purple said...

Yes, they are precious!!!

sheshedecor said...

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Thanks so much!


Sarah and Jack said...

What a lovely post about your daughter. My half pint is still, well, half-a-pint, and I sometimes wonder what it will be like when he leaves us. This was a nice little glimpse into that moment.

Many congratulations to both you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Having watched 3 daughters grow, your post brought a tear to my eye... As wonderful as it is to have them progress through life, it is so painful to let them go...

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