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A shop update . . .

Saturday, June 16

Okay, we tried our hand at ebay. Just jumped right in and posted a few items from the shop that we thought might be of interest. I'm glad we did; but I do think there is a learning curve involved here. Any words of wisdom from anyone out there who's on the far right of the curve would be appreciated. Guess we did okay for our first time out all things considered.

Amy is working on some wonderful changes to our site. We're very excited to get them up and running. To go along with our site update we've also updated the shop, with some fresh inventory. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who have taken advantage of the sale we've been running. Especially you, Juanita!

And to all you father's out there (Do any men read this blog?)and to those who have father's, Happy Father's Day!



Rosemary said...

As usual, love your shop. Wish I lived nearby.
Rosemary in California

Rosemary said...

HI from the other rosemary! LOL! Only thing i can think of as far as ebay goes, is your postage seems high to me. I personally will not bid on items where i feel like the postage includes too much handling fees. Just my two cents. Also, you have no feedback. Some people get nervous bidding when the seller has no feedback.

Anonymous said...

Je suis persuadée que l'entrée révèle déjà toute la personnalité de la maîtresse de maison ! alors bravo, il doit faire bon vivre chez toi !

Angela said...

I so wish I was near your shop! I love the green table, maybe I could convince my husband we have to vacation there in Aug.:}


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