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The dog days of Summer

Monday, July 9

Remember when the dark, cool basement was the place to be in the summer if you weren't poolside or playing kickball with the neighborhood gang until the streetlights came on? There were four channels on the television, five if you were lucky and could get good reception on 20. You actually had to walk to the set and turn the dial to change the station. Every kid had a bike that could take them just about anywhere in the neighborhood and playing outside all day was the general rule. The to do lists of our day may have read something like,

-- look for four leaf clovers
-- lift up big rocks to find potato bugs
-- run through the sprinkler
-- ride to 7-11 for a slurpee and a sweetart
-- make a wish on a dandelion
-- ride to the creek and collect tadpoles
-- hunt for fuzzy caterpillars
-- pick crabapples from the Hollister's tree
-- get allowance ready for the ice cream man
-- think of ways to avoid going in the house before the street lights come on.

That's pretty much how I spent my Summers as a kid. It was relaxing and memorable. Thankfully, I do spend my time a little differently now, instead of searching for clovers, bugs and tadpoles it's cool stuff for the shop and parking spaces with shade. Still, I'm sure there's nothing better than the lazy days of Summer.

Hope yours is going well.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Anne! I LOVE this post. This is exactly how I spend my Summers and it takes me back to a more simplier time. How I wish our kids could have some teeny bit of that experience. We do go out at night for fire flies and they get to run free in two neighbors yards. No creek (we went swimming) no 7-11 in walking distance (I used to get a slurpee and tootsie rolls) and no ice cream man to be seen for miles (used to come everynight during the summer). Man those were the days. (Sorry, I got lost in time :) Hope you are havig an awesome summer so far. I will have to stop by and say hey and tell you all about our Disney Cruise.


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