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Saturday, August 25

In keeping with Linda's last blog entry we have brought the essence of all things Autumn into the cottage. We're deep in pumpkins, bittersweet and possibilities. . . I can almost smell the pumpkin pie! Having moved our oldest kids into their respective dorms, we are ready to embrace the changing of the seasons and our store is resplendent with what you need to layer your home with touches of Fall, our favorite season, a great time for nesting and making your home a little richer and warmer in color and texture. I promise to take pictures for my next entry to show you how we've changed up the shop. Many things have already slipped out the door with our customers so I think we're putting out just what you need. Stop in and see us. We look forward to seeing you.

Another transition we're gearing up for is our soon to debut on line store that our talented friend, Amy Powers of Inspire Company (http://www.inspireco.com/) is designing for us. We are so excited to get it up and running for those of you out there who have been virtual shoppers and such supportive fans of our finds. We will be able to offer some of our one of a kind vintage finds, handmade items and wonderful gift lines to you wherever you are! We are hoping to have it up and running by September 1.

More exciting news is that we are being mentioned in an upcoming addition of "Southern Ladies" thanks to Paige Stone. We're so very excited to see the shop in its first publication! (We are told they also own the soon to be reincarnated "Victoria Magazine", another one of our favorite publications.)(Last year we were asked permission to be included in a travel article about Leesburg, in Southern Living, but much to our disappointment there was not room for the mention, so we were cut. Nonetheless we were very excited to have been almost in Southern Living in our first year of operation!) And while I'm over here just tootin' away on our little horn, I'm proud to tell you that Barbara Jacksier (http://www.barbarajacksier.com/) has mentioned us in her list of resources in her new book about Cottages which is coming out soon. Can't wait to see that publication! It's got our name written all over it! Her next book will be about romantic homes. Sounds like one of those books you can't wait to pour over nestled in your favorite overstuffed chair with a soft throw over your lap and a cup of tea in hand. (Make mine a glass of Merlot, please.)

Happy PreFall,

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