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Tuesday, September 18

For those of you who, like me, are bird enthusiasts, I'm happy to report that our little friend just made his way out the back door of the shop and into the familiar bliss of the outside world. For days he's been patiently flying back and forth from one sunlit window to the next gently trying to find his way back to his sweet world outside. I resorted to calmly talking to him and trying to gently flush him out, then doing my rendition of "bird talk", turning the lights out so the sunny glow outside the door would be more obvious, trying to throw a bluebird sampler over him (irony), prayer and then finally threatening to get the broom. The latter is what did it, prayer, that is, not the broom threat. I should have done that first.

You should've seen the looks on customer's faces as they'd come in to the shop. Not noticing their arrival, I'd be inside a ficus tree making soft requests to my little friend (who no one else could see) to "come on out little buddy, it's okay. I won't hurt you.")(Think of Artie Johnson from "Laugh In").

Imagine my embarrassment when they looked at me kind of oddly after I explained I was trying to flush out a bird. They'd quickly rush out of the shop looking behind them every few steps. (No. The crazy lady is not following you.) "Really, there's a bird in here! Honest.

While I was out in the back yard saying farewell to my friend and watching him take pleasure in his newfound freedom from the cottage I took a few pics. He's actually on the iron bed. See him?

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

I can't really see him.
I believe you though.


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