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Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31

The holiday madness is thick at the cottage where Linda and I are decorating for our open house with reckless abandon. Can't post pictures now, but there'll be lots and lots to come. Stay tuned! And mark your calendar now for Friday, November 2nd! We'll be opening our doors at 10:00am sharp. We can't wait to unveil our 2007 cottage Christmas!
-Linda and Ann

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 26

It's raining cats and dogs here. And we really, really need it. I'm nesting inside with lots of wonderful new finds that we're busily getting ready for our Holiday Open House. I'll post pictures when we're all done with our festooning! Right now it just looks like madness, but bless our customers little hearts, they're still willing to shop around it!

We're really excited about our first magazine mention!! Check us out in the November/December edition of "Southern Lady" in the article about Leesburg!

In addition to getting the cottage ready for the Holiday Open House, we'll be posting new goodies on our on line shop as well! Stay tuned!!

Have a great weekend!

Anybody home?

Thursday, October 25

This week is Linda's daughter's Homecoming. She's hosting Homecoming dinner at her home for a group of Abby's friends again this year. No one can put out a spread like Linda! It will be a feast for the eye as well as the stomach!

My daughter's was last week and yes, her school did win their game! And no she didn't wear her "glasses" to the dance. She and her date made a sweet pair. But the poor thing accidentally erased her photos from the evening and has only this one that I took before the event.
And maybe one day I'll even learn how to rotate it.

A big thank you to Shelley Price of SweetPea for nominating us for the "You Make Me Smile Award"! Please see her blog!

Hope you're all smiling out there.


How sweet it is.

Thursday, October 18

It's Spirit Week at my daughter's high school in celebration of their Homecoming, with today being "Sweet and Sour Day". I don't remember any such thing when I went to school. Come to think of it I didn't even attend the Homecoming dances. But I'm happy to see that she's having fun with this. This is how she and her friend greeted me at the breakfast table this morning . . .

If you can't tell from this photo, they are "nerd and gangster" respectively. My daughter is the nerd, taped glasses and calculator in pocket, and her buddy is the gangster, complete with an aluminum foil grill on her teeth and a g-unit belt. I thought it said "gun it". Her pants were so low on her thighs I was afraid she'd left them in the back seat of my truck when she hopped out at the school.

When I packed her lunch this morning, I couldn't resist slipping in a little note that read, "You're such a nerd. Love m."

charmed, I'm sure

Thursday, October 11

We're getting ready to add a few new goodies to our online store. Take a peek at what's new!

It's a small world

Tuesday, October 9

A very big F A T thanks to all who helped make the second anniversary celebration of the cottage such a wonderful success! We love you all and appreciate so much your friendship and support!
Linda and I are now chomping at the old shopping bit, ready to go out and find more wonderful treasures to replenish the cottage with in preparation for our next event, which happens next month! Mark your calendars for the first Friday in November! We'll have our holiday open house Friday thru Sunday. We'll be sending out your invitation in the mail soon. And we'll tell you more about it later. Don't want you to miss it!

I have to say I'm always amazed by the smallness of our world. I was chatting with a customer yesterday and she told me she was from Alexandria, VA. (Which is where I grew up and my folks still live.) And we came to realize we were from the very same area in Alexandria. And then I saw the familiar happy twinkle in her eyes and asked if she was a "Haley". Well, don't you know she was one of eleven children from a happy household that resided right next to my family home! Isn't it amazing that she should drive to Purcellville to pick apples with her three little adorable girls and decide to pop in to my little shop.
And as fate would have it, it turns out she's hoping to open a little shop of her own. I love how life works. Just when you think things are so large and overwhelming something like this happens, to remind you that it really isn't such a big world after all.

Hope your week is going well!

a little update

Saturday, October 6

Our anniversary sale is going well and we appreciate everyone coming out and supporting us! We're refluffing and restocking as fast as we can. If you haven't made it out yet, we hope to see you Sunday or Monday! Hope your Columbus Day weekend is going well!

Happy Birthday to the cottage!

Thursday, October 4

Here are some more pics to show you what we've got in store for you this weekend!
Every nook and corner has been prepped for the ocassion, even the bathroom got a redo . . . compliments of Linda!
We've tied silk leaves onto everything with rafia. You will love this sale.
Happy shopping!
Ann and Linda

Getting ready . . .

We've been busy getting the shop ready for our anniversary sale! We have lots to show you. If you're in town this weekend, come see for yourself. Maybe you'll even find a treasure or two you can't pass up! We've stuffed the cottage with deals and even spilled out into the yard.

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