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Happy Birthday to the cottage!

Thursday, October 4

Here are some more pics to show you what we've got in store for you this weekend!
Every nook and corner has been prepped for the ocassion, even the bathroom got a redo . . . compliments of Linda!
We've tied silk leaves onto everything with rafia. You will love this sale.
Happy shopping!
Ann and Linda


Unknown said...

its all so much eye candy my head's about to pop. it looks so beautiful i wish i lived closer so i could come and say happy bithday little cottage.

a pink-bee said...

Happy Birthday Cottage! Love visiting your blog:) And one day will visit the cottage :)

Anonymous said...

Allreally wonderful, I am gonna beg you someday to send things to customers, I want several of youor things, but I live so very far away!!!

Alice Regan said...

Happy Birthday...I love all of your pictures! Everything looks so wonderful, I wish I were closer...I love the rug with the chairs you've placed outside.

Anonymous said...

Where was I for this?! I need to sign up on your events email list. So many neat, neat things. I hope I am not too far away.


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