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It's a small world

Tuesday, October 9

A very big F A T thanks to all who helped make the second anniversary celebration of the cottage such a wonderful success! We love you all and appreciate so much your friendship and support!
Linda and I are now chomping at the old shopping bit, ready to go out and find more wonderful treasures to replenish the cottage with in preparation for our next event, which happens next month! Mark your calendars for the first Friday in November! We'll have our holiday open house Friday thru Sunday. We'll be sending out your invitation in the mail soon. And we'll tell you more about it later. Don't want you to miss it!

I have to say I'm always amazed by the smallness of our world. I was chatting with a customer yesterday and she told me she was from Alexandria, VA. (Which is where I grew up and my folks still live.) And we came to realize we were from the very same area in Alexandria. And then I saw the familiar happy twinkle in her eyes and asked if she was a "Haley". Well, don't you know she was one of eleven children from a happy household that resided right next to my family home! Isn't it amazing that she should drive to Purcellville to pick apples with her three little adorable girls and decide to pop in to my little shop.
And as fate would have it, it turns out she's hoping to open a little shop of her own. I love how life works. Just when you think things are so large and overwhelming something like this happens, to remind you that it really isn't such a big world after all.

Hope your week is going well!

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Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Ann & Linda,
So glad your anniversary open house was a success! Beth and I are looking forward to participating in your special event next month! xo, suzy


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