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A little teaser . . .

Thursday, November 29

Still getting my ducks in a row - but here's a little taste of our on line store posting to be . . .

Our postman rocks!

Linda and I aren't letting the Christmas frenzy stop us from bringing in new cottage finds. We just unloaded two truckloads of goodies and I'll post some pictures to show you how great they look in the shop!

Which brings to mind something we must tell you -

We have the B E S T postman E V E R in the history of the world. (Amy, I think he might even be better than Mr. T.) A couple of weeks ago Linda and I were trying rather futiley to squeeze a bohemoth work bench the size of the state of Texas through the modest 18th century doorway of the cottage. During this event our postman drives by in his mail truck (not even at our door on route yet), pulls over, and offers to assist us. What a wonderful guy.

And as if that is not enough, fast forward to another day at the cottage. And we're pretty much doing the same thing -- except this time it's an enormous blind door cupboard half the size of the shop. You guessed it. He did it again. Happily and willingly -- with a smile on his face. Forget, rain, sleet, snow -- that's nothing for our guy -- even two crazy gals trying to reverse birth massive pieces of furniture don't slow him down. We nominate him for postal carrier of the year.

New on line shop items are coming too!
Happy Shopping!
Ann and Linda


Saturday, November 24

I couldn't have found better words than the ones Linda chose to express my gratitude. The sweet simple things in life are what really matter most after all. I have so very much to be thankful for and often forget just how very blessed my family and I are with all the love of family and friends and life's simple comforts. With that being said here's a little glimpse of my life's bounty beyond the walls of the sweet little cottage -

May all your days be filled with gratitude.

What I'm thankful for

Sunday, November 18

As I sit in this cozy little cottage on a Redskin/Cowboy Sunday afternoon, I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have surrounded myself with a pile of my favorite magazines to catch up on, vanilla scented candles burning away, great music and the anticipation of Thanksgiving just a few short days away. So before the craziness begins I just wanted to send a special thank-you to all our dear friends and customers. Please know how thankful Ann and I are for your continued support and cottage love in the past two years. It really does mean sooooo much.

And to my sweet friend and "business partner" - Ann. Your endless kindness, hard work and friendship means the world to me. I wouldn't want to nor could I do this without you.

I truly have so much to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Are you challenged?

Saturday, November 17

Linda and I have been asked by lots of different folks to come out to their homes and help them figure out what to do with some decorating challenges. Being really busy with the shop has made it a challenge to find the time to make that happen. We've mostly recommended others to them and pretty much avoided adding that to our list of to do's. Until now.

Being that our Monday hours are by chance...and we've had so many requests, we've decided to take it on the road.
So, Monday we're taking the day off to head to Kensington, Maryland to one of our lovely customer's homes. We love decorating as much as shopping, so needless to say, we're pretty happy about this. It will be a fun diversion and a welcome challenge to deal with spaces other than our respective homes and the cottage.

So if you have issues and you're not too far away, maybe the cottage gals can take a road trip to your house.

Table to go?

We had the most wonderful couple from Michigan drive to our store today. They left at 6:30am and arrived this afternoon, 500 miles later! They had seen farm tables on our website, we emailed and talked on the phone a few times. What we had wasn't quite what they were looking for. So we had our wonderful table man make them up a custom table, snapped a few images and now, well that table is soon to be on its way back to Michigan where it will seat the wonderful Fischer family. How do you like that?

Friday again?

Friday, November 16

okay, is it just me? Or do you feel like time is passing at an incredibly accelerated rate? I swear I was just posting about this a few seconds ago -- last Friday. What is it? Global warming? Menopausal hormone fluctuations? El Nino? Somebody help me out here. Guess I'll just put it on the back burner and get ready for next Friday.
Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, November 13

Sorry we've neglected our on line shop lately. We'll be posting some wonderful holiday items soon -- just as soon as we get our ducks in a row. Stay tuned!!

Is it Friday already?

Friday, November 9

We've spun through another week faster than seems possible and we're getting into the emerging holiday spirit (superficially self imposed by our Holiday Open House last weekend. There's just something wrong about decorating for Christmas on Halloween, don't you think?) Anyway, with that wonderful event behind us, we can relax and prepare to embrace one of my most favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.

I love it because there are no expectations, no one to dissapoint, not so much pressure and wine is served. Unless you botch the turkey or put something trendy in the stuffing that everybody hates, you're good to go.

It's that great time of year where you nest and cook and set the table and prepare to host a wonderful meal with all of your loved ones. And best of all, my husband is a chef and has always done every bit of the cooking for the big day. Don't you hate me?

Hope your weekend is full of pleasant surprises.

A big fat thank you to one and all!

Monday, November 5

Linda and I wish to thank each and every one of you, our friends and customers, who came out and helped make our little event such a wonderful success. We especially want to thank Beth and Suzy of Beth's Bagz and Georgia Peachez for being with us on Friday and sharing their fabulous bags with us! (We've booked them for the Paris Flea this spring. So mark your calendars now!!) And thanks to our virtual customers, too -- we wish you could be here!

And a big thanks also goes out to the fabulous Amy Powers of Inspire Co for her graphic and photographic expertise and for all of the holiday inspiration she was able to pack into a very small room! To Jean Anfindsen for all of her handmade treasures and to Harriet of Heart & Home who'll be sending us some of her wonderful holiday folk art to share with you!
If you couldn't make it out this weekend, stop by when you can. There's still a good bit of holiday wonderment to inspire you!
Have a great week!
Linda & Ann

More photos of the Open House


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