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Saturday, November 24

I couldn't have found better words than the ones Linda chose to express my gratitude. The sweet simple things in life are what really matter most after all. I have so very much to be thankful for and often forget just how very blessed my family and I are with all the love of family and friends and life's simple comforts. With that being said here's a little glimpse of my life's bounty beyond the walls of the sweet little cottage -

May all your days be filled with gratitude.


Rosemary said...

What a nice post!
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving,

Inspired Tokens said...

What a great celebration is seems you had! I love all the great pictures of your family and friends, great post.

For Love of Home said...

Family is so wonderful, yours is so charming and I can just feel the love looking at the photos. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

Liz said...

What fun. A beautiful table, family and dogs... it doesnt get any better than that!

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