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A Halloween retrospect

Saturday, November 3

Okay, I know I promised pictures of the Open House. And I really will post some. But I have to give Halloween its due. I've been to a wonderful Halloween Party hosted by the fabulous Maria Peck of Tiara Day. And to Juanita Koilpilai's fabulous historic farmhouse where she recently hosted a pumpkin carving party to end all pumpkin carving parties.
Hope your Halloween was memorable as well!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ann, "fabulous"--Wow!--you are too kind.
Amy looks awesome--especially in the picture out at the bonfire--which is why she won the costume contest. Everyone is still talking about her ---in her pink glory!
I'm so glad you and Jeff were able to come. You both looked great.--And I love my vintage jar filled with spiders--it's so perfect for me--thank you!- to you and Linda!
Anyway--I hope you and Linda had a wonderfully successful Holiday Open House--I wish I could have made it there but I'm getting ready for Tiara Day's Open house in two weeks and I have oodles of stuff to get priced and merchandised--you know--the life of a shop keeper! hugs and giggles, Maria


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