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Our postman rocks!

Thursday, November 29

Linda and I aren't letting the Christmas frenzy stop us from bringing in new cottage finds. We just unloaded two truckloads of goodies and I'll post some pictures to show you how great they look in the shop!

Which brings to mind something we must tell you -

We have the B E S T postman E V E R in the history of the world. (Amy, I think he might even be better than Mr. T.) A couple of weeks ago Linda and I were trying rather futiley to squeeze a bohemoth work bench the size of the state of Texas through the modest 18th century doorway of the cottage. During this event our postman drives by in his mail truck (not even at our door on route yet), pulls over, and offers to assist us. What a wonderful guy.

And as if that is not enough, fast forward to another day at the cottage. And we're pretty much doing the same thing -- except this time it's an enormous blind door cupboard half the size of the shop. You guessed it. He did it again. Happily and willingly -- with a smile on his face. Forget, rain, sleet, snow -- that's nothing for our guy -- even two crazy gals trying to reverse birth massive pieces of furniture don't slow him down. We nominate him for postal carrier of the year.

New on line shop items are coming too!
Happy Shopping!
Ann and Linda

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Unknown said...

o that is so great. we jsut moved to a new neighbor hood where the mail man actually puts the mail in the box next to my front door instead of a big community box thing. this fact has me giddy that i have a personal mailbox once again. i have been mulling over a great gift for mr jim for christmas.


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