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Thursday, January 31

Linda and I have just returned from a buying trip and we've layered the cottage with lots of wonderful old finds and one of a kinds! We love the 60 drawer pine apothecary cabinet and wonderful apple green old paint on the drysink cupboard. Here's a little preview. Hope you can stop in and see for yourself!

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Rosemary said...

Very nice!

bj said...

OOOOOOOOO, I just found your website and I am about to have a run away here...this looks so interesting.
I have to take a look at your whole website now.
I'll be back...

Alice Regan said...

Oh my....I want the bling! You found some wonderful things...I wished I lived closer!

Nora Lee said...

Oh such beautiful pieces!

Free Art Printables said...

Great stuff!
Jen R

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