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A quick reflection

Thursday, January 3

This amazing light show is all done by my brother. The pictures hardly do it justice. You should see it for yourself! It's all synchronized to music and done with LED lights. He's been written up in many local papers and even on our local news! Check it out on www.collingwoodlights.com. His talents don't end with the lights. He built the house they're on too! How 'bout that?

Hope your holidays were enjoyable. It's such a whirlwind between the week of Christmas until after New Years! I feel all discombobulated and ready to get back to the good old routine I've etched out for me and my family. The familiar known. Houseguests back in their own houses, kids back in school (save one who doesn't go back til closer to the end of the month), furniture back in place (after removing the tree), wrappings and trappings tucked away, decorations carefully boxed up and stored . . . I'm all set to face this wonderful new year! How 'bout you?

Don't get me wrong. I l o v e the holidays. It's just that they always seem to come on like a runaway train. It doesn't seem to matter how prepared I think I am. And when they're over I feel jet lagged (without having stepped on a plane, much less changed time zones) full of the effects of overindulgence (the dryer must've shrunk my pants), lethargy, sleepiness, and a wonderfully renewed appreciation of my family in all its entirety. With all their odd quirks and unique traits, where would we be without the wondrous familiarity of those people we love, our families. I feel so very blessed to have mine. And to have had the opportunity to enjoy another crazy holiday season with all of them.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!


1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Happy New Year Ann!!
I feel the same way. It's fun, but hectic.
Love the lights, Wow!!


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