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Thursday, March 13

We have B I G N E W S to share with you!

The cottage is moving to a new location in downtown Leesburg!

We will open our doors at the new location, 105 S. King Steet (formerly Ekster Antiques, the wonderful shop of our good friends, Caroline Vershoor and John-Paul Saunier)on April 1st. (No foolin'.)

We'll keep things going at our present location until the 28th of this month when we'll schlep the remaining contents of our shop to the new location along with lots and lots of new (old) merchandise that we've been accumulating for the big move! Twice the space and twice the great stuff all at great prices!

Until then come check out the moving sale we're having. The more you buy the less we have to carry to our new nest! If you're on our mailing list we'll be sending you a card soon to let you know of our move!

Hope to see you at our new digs!
Ann and Linda

prelude to Spring

Monday, March 3

We're enjoying a little preview of Spring today -- the weather couldn't be better! The doors are open, the sun's streaming in and everyone has a little touch of the fever. It won't be long now and I can hardly wait!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks to everyone who came by to see us at the Flea. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces! We did as much spending as we did selling -- also great fun!!!

The shop is busting at the seams with great new (old) merchandise. Come in and see if there's something with your name on it!

We look forward to seeing you!
Ann and Linda

we're at the flea . . .

Saturday, March 1

We're at the BIG FLEA this weekend and here's a few teasers . . . Jean Anfindsen is the talent behind the wonderful pillows, charms, slipcovered ottomans and more! She's pictured with Linda.
So, if you're free to flee to the flea, come see us, cause that's where we'll be!
Hope to see you at the FLEA!
Happy Hunting!
Ann, Linda and Jean

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