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sweet visitors

Friday, April 25

the cottage just had a very lovely visit from some very sweet women of blogdom, a subculture which makes this great big world of ours a far sweeter, smaller place. First Karla Nathan came in and if that wasn't enough; during Karla's visit Pam Keravuori came in with a blogdom entourage of Debby Schuh and Kitty Gallanis in tow. How 'bout that?

Here they are with their great big smiles and great big cottage finds!

I love box trucks!

Wednesday, April 23

Some girls want diamonds, fancy houses, expensive cars, vacation homes - no not me. This girl wants a box truck. A big box truck, some free time and a checkbook fat with a fresh supply of checks. Ohhh, the sheer thought gives me the quivers. And quiver a bit I did yesterday. I filled a 14 footer and it was a blast!

I don't know what part of shop owner I like the best. The excitement of a new vision (these usually come around 3am for me), the anticipation of a new season to inspire you, the thrill of the hunt, taking all of your treasures and magically creating a look. I like all of them, but peering into a 14 footer at the end of a long day and smiling at your efforts and the fun your going to have creating back at the shop....quiver!

10-4 Good Buddies

P.S. This is my first solo attempt at
taking and posting pictures. I have a long
way to go.

coming soon . . .

Tuesday, April 22

Linda's in a 14' box truck on her way to pick up our latest truckload of new finds for the cottage. We'll have it spiffed, buffed, put in place and fluffed in time for the weekend. (Which I hear will be rain free!?) I'll post pictures soon for those of you who aren't able to come in and see for yourself! Until then here are a few pics of the shop before the additions . . .

Lovin' our new Digs

Saturday, April 19

Spring has sprung! The cottage is smack-dab in the middle of the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show this weekend. Our frontporch is overflowing with birdhouses, urns, statuary, potting benches, farm tables, chairs and vintage metal lawn furniture. Festival-goers are wandering in with the most beautiful plants, flowers and
inspiration for their gardens.
The cottage is filled with all kinds of new things as the pictures will show you. We've had so much fun fluffing the new things we've acquired.
Hope you're out enjoying this gorgeous spring day and if you're near by, stop in and say hello and take in the festival to quinch your spring-fever!


Thursday, April 10

okay so maybe math and blogging are not my forte. It seems my photos have multiplied with great abandon. my apologies

2 minus 2 equals new stuff

Thanks to everyone who has come out to see us in our new location. We're busily reworking the store to replace all the great things that are flying out of here. ( A challenge we are happy to accept!) With twice the space things are flying our twice as fast. For once I like math. What d'ya know Mr. Candelori? Guess you never would've thought that would come out of my mouth! (Mr. Candelori was my eighth grade Algebra teacher. He left teaching after me.)
Come see us if you're in town this weekend!
Have a good one!

ta da!

Thursday, April 3

We're home! We've completed our move to our new location and are settling in nicely, getting in sync with the nuances of our new digs and finding a place for (almost) everything. Having twice the space to fill provided a challenge for us, but I'm happy to say that with a little help from our friends, we were able to fill up nicely. But I'll let you see for yourself . . . better yet, come by if you can and see it firsthand for yourself!
We're excitedly awaiting our first weekend in our new shop! Hope you can stop in. Things are moving out quickly!

We are also excitedly awaiting the grand opening of our friends shop in Brunswick, Maryland, Newberry's (formerly Ekster Antiques and Uniques)!

Have a great weekend!

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