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I love box trucks!

Wednesday, April 23

Some girls want diamonds, fancy houses, expensive cars, vacation homes - no not me. This girl wants a box truck. A big box truck, some free time and a checkbook fat with a fresh supply of checks. Ohhh, the sheer thought gives me the quivers. And quiver a bit I did yesterday. I filled a 14 footer and it was a blast!

I don't know what part of shop owner I like the best. The excitement of a new vision (these usually come around 3am for me), the anticipation of a new season to inspire you, the thrill of the hunt, taking all of your treasures and magically creating a look. I like all of them, but peering into a 14 footer at the end of a long day and smiling at your efforts and the fun your going to have creating back at the shop....quiver!

10-4 Good Buddies

P.S. This is my first solo attempt at
taking and posting pictures. I have a long
way to go.

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