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Saturday, May 31

It's a lazy rainy Saturday with a soft cool breeze and we're all feeling cozy in the cottage. If you're in town, come out of the rain and join us! Just wanted to let you see what's new in case you're not able to see for yourself!

the cottage gals

Annual Ritual, aka "auction love"

Wednesday, May 28

When I first got into the "biz" some nine years ago my main source for one-of-a-kind finds was auctions. I love auctions. I love the stuff, the story behind the stuff, the competitive edge in obtaining the stuff, the hundreds of characters you meet in obtaining the stuff and well you get the picture. The good news/bad news in this is I have found great resources over the years that have boatloads of vintage finds to buy. The bad news is as a shop owner there just isn't enough time to go to all those great auctions anymore.

This brings me to my annual Memorial Day ritual. Every Memorial Day, I allow myself to go to this one annual auction. It has been taking place for decades. It's as much a social event as a serious quest for "stuff". The auction is situated in God's country in the middle of nowhere. The local church sets up the lunch counter featuring the star attraction - country fried chicken along with their homemade pies, baked apples, pumpkin roll and sweet tea.

The auction starts promptly at 9am with as many as three auctioneers going at once. At some point during the day I will catch a few minutes between items I am interested in and treat myself to lunch. The conversation overheard at my picnic table the other day went kinda like this:

"Whatcha you know Ray?"
"Nothing good Henry."
"Nope, nothing."
"I do know it's goin' to rain tonight though."
"Not anymore Ray. They changed the forecast."
"That's not what my knee says Henry."
"Your knee bothering you Ray?"
"Yep Henry."

I love this annual ritual. It allows me to get back to my roots, catch up with the characters I've come to know over the years and it fulfills that need and desire for really good "stuff".

Oh, by the way, Ray's knee was right. It rained.

-the cottage gals

Hurray for Summer!

Wednesday, May 21

Memorial Day is this weekend. The unofficial start to summer. Time to scrub your porches, plant your geraniums and hang your flags. I love living somewhere that has four changing seasons. Ann and I are busy unfurling our red, white and blue buntings, sweeping the pollen off the front porch and shouting out to leisurely strollers. The longer days allow us to keep the front door open longer into the evening and visit with the neighbors. The shop is jammed packed with great finds for your house, beach cottage or front porch.

We have some great summer buying trips coming up, so don't hesitate to pop in and check us out the next time you're taking a stroll in town.

Have a great weekend!

-the cottage gals

great news and new stuff in store . . .

Friday, May 16

Lots more is in store. See for yourself!

We're happy to announce some great news for our dear talented friend, Meesha Hawes, of Southport's amazing Under The Eaves. She is embarking on a second shop, as yet unnamed. If any of you have clever suggestions for names for a wonderful "beachy shabby furniture, clothing and accessories for the beach house" shop, we'd love to pass them on to her. No doubt it will prove to be a must stop if you ever find your self in Southport. Congratulations Meesha!

Have a great weekend!
Linda and Ann

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