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Friday, May 16

Lots more is in store. See for yourself!

We're happy to announce some great news for our dear talented friend, Meesha Hawes, of Southport's amazing Under The Eaves. She is embarking on a second shop, as yet unnamed. If any of you have clever suggestions for names for a wonderful "beachy shabby furniture, clothing and accessories for the beach house" shop, we'd love to pass them on to her. No doubt it will prove to be a must stop if you ever find your self in Southport. Congratulations Meesha!

Have a great weekend!
Linda and Ann


Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

I just found your blog - you have such sweet things! I'm looking forward to looking around here some more...just my style!

Dena said...

Pay no attention to that slurping sound...it's just me drooling over the treasures :) OH how I wish I lived close to your shop so I could visit! Everything is just fabulous!


tincanlily said...

Love your new photos and of course the new finds. Everything looks so fresh. Going to go look a little closer at everything.

Alice Regan said...

Oh my ...I think I want the purple chair and the rose tray ...and let's see I think I'll take the painting of the bird's nest too.
Wonderful items. Great shop.

Pamela Jane said...

How about "Beach Still My Heart"? Enjoyed my visit with you, Ann, as usual.


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