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Hurray for Summer!

Wednesday, May 21

Memorial Day is this weekend. The unofficial start to summer. Time to scrub your porches, plant your geraniums and hang your flags. I love living somewhere that has four changing seasons. Ann and I are busy unfurling our red, white and blue buntings, sweeping the pollen off the front porch and shouting out to leisurely strollers. The longer days allow us to keep the front door open longer into the evening and visit with the neighbors. The shop is jammed packed with great finds for your house, beach cottage or front porch.

We have some great summer buying trips coming up, so don't hesitate to pop in and check us out the next time you're taking a stroll in town.

Have a great weekend!

-the cottage gals


tincanlily said...

Always checking in to see what is new. Love the red theme. I too am sweeping pollen off the front porch. The flags will be flying and the red geraniums planted in black pots and put on the back deck this weekend. Your pictures always inspire me.

Carolyn said...

pat sloan told us about your shop
i live in ohio but if i ever get in the area....i will stop
i have a cottage on chippwa lake in ohio that was built in the 40's

i have filled it with white furniture and wicker and enamel top tables....red and white kitchen
quilts and stuff
i see lots on you blog that i would buy esp. the boston terrier with his hiney in the air and the red gate
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

How FUN is this!!!!!Great pieces!!!

Dena said...

Okay, those pillows are killing me! My "wanter" is going 90 miles a minute...are those for sale on the site? Polka dots, plaid and toile? OH be still my heart!!!!


Unknown said...

I love your blog and website, very well done. I also love the large letters in this blog listing, do you have any of them for sale?



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