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Did a bus just pull-up?

Sunday, July 13

It's a hot Sunday afternoon in Leesburg. The air-conditioning is humming along and the traffic has been tremendous. It's like a bus just pulled up and emptied into the cottage. I love it! The shop looks especially good to me today, so I must say, I'm glad company is seeing it at its best.

It has been a busy week. We've celebrated Ann's birthday. (Happy Birthday Ann) I went to auction and found great stuff! We had a visit from Miss Amy Powers and "baby", along with our new friend Hope Wallace. And last but not least, today is my 17th wedding anniversary! (Happy Anniversary Jim!)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and if you're in the area stop by and say hey!

the cottage gals

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This Linda person really should not be in retail. She is so rude to sell something out from under a buyer. I put on hold a bench on Saturday with Ann, On Sunday, Linda called and left a voice mail that someone else is interested in the same bench, but I had first right of refusal. I called back and left a voice mail that I would go forward and purchase the bench on Sunday evening. Today, Monday, Linda calls and said she actually sold the bench yesturday. WOW she sold the bench without even waiting for my answer. I know I can sue, There are commerce laws, that I say I agree buy, they agree to sell. Linda bailed out of the deal. This will cost them more than the bench.


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