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Thursday, July 24

A fabulous collection of old nativity sheep from old churches just arrived at the cottage! Here's a few, most have already found a home!
Aren't they wonderful. I love them so much, not just because they are fabulous in and of themselves, but because they represent so many years of celebrating Christmas.
It's a beautiful day here in Leesburg. The humidity left with the rain storm last night:). I have the doors wide open and am enjoying a soft summer breeze. Hope your week is going well.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Aren't those beautiful? I have some old nativity pieces ~ kind of a mish-mash I've collected through the years, but they are all old and have been loved before.

pam said...

How fun for you, I wish I lived closer to your shop so I could have a wonderful day walking through your store.

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