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we have a new addition to the cottage

Tuesday, July 29

One of the best things about having Linda for a business partner is the fact that wherever she is, whatever she's doing she always has the shop's best interest at heart. What I mean by that is, in addition to having great visions about what next to do in store, she is always shopping, always open to finding bigger and better things for the shop. It doesn't matter how early she has to start the day or how far she has to go or how much she has to lift. Her shopping rhythm is like the song by Dianna Ross and the Supremes, "ain't no river wide enough..."So I really wasn't that surprised when I saw this.

In the bed of her truck amidst cupboards, a console table, a garden set, a dresser, painted ladders and mirrors was nestled an old cement Doberman.

We have affectionately adopted her as our guard dog, watching over all our cottage treasure. Extreme yard art.

Happy shopping,



Anonymous said...

hello! i have been reading blogs for about 2 months now. i stumbled upon the trash2treasure.wordpress.com blog first and i go from wonderful blog to another. the inspiration i get from them is unbelievable. it has definitely pulled me out of my rut. i have a garden shop and a small booth at a collectable mall in florence, SC. my shop i have had for 7 years the booth for about 10 months. now here is my question--you mentioned business partner in this post. i am in talks with a good friend about joining together in a partnership. how exactly does that work? so one partner is out and finds a great piece for the shop-buys it-and puts in the shop. is she reimbursed out of shop funds? or when that item sells is she the one that claims back the original price and is the profit put towards the business? this question may sound a bit basic but we don't really want to get too intense with lawyers and all. maybe that is a bad idea though? so if you get a moment maybe you could help me figure out a few things. thanks a bunch great blog!
carolyn hill
effingham, SC

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is the striped suitcase still for sale? What about the metal "emers dairy" carrier? Thanks. Please email me at flantiquer@cox.net

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