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a welcomed rainy day

Thursday, August 28

It's a welcomed rainy day in Leesburg. The grass has been crunching under our feet and needs a lazy gentle rain, just like this one! Hope you're enjoying it too!
the cottage gals

Oh where, oh where has Summer gone?

Thursday, August 21

The new school year is in full view as the last lazy summer days float by. This has been a good summer all and all. Great weather, sleeping in, not packing any lunches for three whole months and eating my share of homegrown tomatoes!
Ann is off getting her firstborn settled into her first apartment as a college sophomore. My firstborn will be leaving for his senior year and has the moving-in process down so well, he doesn't need us to follow him there on Sunday. Long sigh.....

Whether you vacationed, stay-cationed or just got lost in a good book, I hope your summer was a good one.

We are slowly creeping into the changing seasons here at the cottage. We've started bringing in richer fabrics, warmer wood tones and anticipating ordering in our favorite potato-leek soup on that first brisk day. Ann and I have some wonderful buying trips planned in the next few weeks. We will certainly continue to share our great finds!

Take care,
the cottage gals

an unexpected find

Tuesday, August 19

It really is true that you never know what you may find when it comes to repurposing old vintage treasures. Case in point; I had a lovely young woman in the shop yesterday looking for small vintage frames to decorate her wall. One of the frames she was considering had a framed photograph of two little Victorian boys. Because she was planning to use the frame without its contents, I assisted her in removing the backing and uncovered a little surprise. Inside was an envelope holding a letter dated 1927 and 2 buffalo nickels.

The letter was written by one neighbor to another returning money borrowed and requesting an end to a friendship. Apparently there had been some sort of scrap between the children of these 2 neighbors and a difference of opinion as to who did what to whom that caused an unmendable rift between the two moms. The two boys in the photograph were seemingly the ones belonging to the addressee.

It remains a mystery as to why the letter was saved behind the photo. It had been postmarked and opened and a copy of the handwritten note had been typed up in all capitals and placed with the original note, envelope and buffalo nickels. curious.

The first thing I did was look up the value of the nickels for this young college student. I found that nickels such as the ones in her frame had values between 35 cents and $240,000 depending on dates and conditions. How 'bout that? Not a bad investment for $20, eh?

Wouldn't it be fun to find out who these boys were? They'd be in their mid to late eighties now and they could tell us the rest of the story.

happy hunting,

weekend update

Saturday, August 16

There's more in store for you this weekend with lots of old orchard signs, some fabulous architecturals, console tables, quilts and vintage tablecloths, columns, vintage suitcases and lots more.
Have a great weekend!
Ann and Linda


Saturday, August 9

We just set up a beautifully rich, dark mahogany Victorian bed with the most extraordinary footboard. I love the detailed carvings on it, so ripe for the rich, warm tones of Fall. Don't you just love a freshly dressed bed?


Thursday, August 7

Okay, we know it's August, hot, humid, August. But in here, well, we decided to join the madness! We've layered the cottage with sweet little handmade chenille pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, vintage witches' hats, black cats, lanterns, delightful Hallowee'en cards from one of our favorite artists, Hope Wallace and our wonderful handmade harvest signs to delight that little child within us all. So treat yourself to something!

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