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countdown to Friday!

Saturday, September 27

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and getting ready for our big S A L E that starts in 6 short days! We'll be opening our doors at 10:00am sharp on Friday, October 3rd, to a store full of markdowns to celebrate our 3rd anniversary!Lots of folks are previewing this weekend! (Sorry, no early bargains.)
More new finds are coming in this week!
Hope to see you soon!
Ann and Linda


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Gals ;)

I just adore your blog, its gorgeous!! your talent for Details is seen in every aspect of your work! and the store looks fabulous!! I have a question, I went to your website and didnt see something for sale that I had admired ( I should say "LOVED"!! ), it was down a couple of posts, and its a small china lamp with a navy blue check shade that has a ruffle trim ;) is this for sale and still available? I would love to buy this if it is!! Thanks ~ Cynthia ~

Christine said...


Glad we stopped by today (anyone reading this - it's a great sale! And Ann and Linda are wonderful)- can't wait to get the new furniture out to Minnesota! My internet browser is acting funny today, and wasn't liking the form on your website, so hopefully you check this - but there are quite a few pictures of the farmhouse in MN on here: www.greenacresredux.blogspot.com. Thought you might like to see where lots of your stuff (and my favorite buy yet - the huge ladder) will be ending up!

Take care and best of luck with everything

Anonymous said...

Great pix- they give some of the magazines competition!!!You gals certainly have the nack for finding cool stuff and decorating!!

Anonymous said...

I love your inspiring blog!
Denise Nantasket Beach ,Mass.


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