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Ode to coffee

Monday, October 27

On this gray Monday morning I thought I'd take a moment out of my day and express my appreciation for my good friend, coffee. Where would we be without you?

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, October 25

Hope you're enjoying this rainy day. Thanks to everyone who is braving the weather and coming out to shop in spite of the downpour! (We love you for that!)
My hair is the size of Texas as I was outside trying to help an optimistic buyer fit a Victorian game table in an Altima. (Unfortunately sometimes reality wins out over will.) That's why it's good to have friends with trucks.
Have a great weekend!

a little update . . .

Friday, October 24

We've brought in some great old pieces we we can hardly wait to layer with great one of a kind vintage holiday finds. I'm posting some photos of the furniture, but you'll have to wait for the vintage holiday finds! We found a great old red and white cubby we thought would make a fabulous piece for a mud room to store boots, shoes, hats, scarves and all the other miscellaneous stuff that makes its way into the house. Another favorite find is the four door red locker! There's lots more - come in if you're in town and see for yourself.
Only two weeks til the Holiday Open House - mark your calendar for November 7th - 9th. You won't want to miss this!
Have a great weekend!
Ann and Linda

Happy Monday!

Monday, October 20

The crisp chill of Autumn is officially here. Time to bring in the plants and turn on the heat! I really love the change of seasons and can't imagine being without them. Hope you're enjoying your day!
Here's a few new shots of goodies in the store.
Happy Monday!

Save the date!

Thursday, October 16

We've been asked a number of times when our Holiday Open House will be this year. This is the time of year when everything happens at once. So, although you haven't yet carved your pumpkin, we wanted to be sure you'd save the date to join us for the unveiling of the one of a kind finds we've been squirreling away for the holidays!

This year's Holiday Open House will be November 7th - 9th, Friday from 10am - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 5pm. Come in for some holiday inspiration.
We hope to see you!
Linda and Ann

Thank you!

Thursday, October 9

We want to extend a big fat t h a n k y o u ! to all our friends and customers who came out to help us celebrate our third anniversary! Hope you enjoyed our sale as much as we did!
Now that the dust has settled and the sold items have been picked up, it's time to hit the road and buy more stuff! We've brought in some great new pieces to fill the shop up. And can hardly wait to see what more we will find to layer the cottage with. Stop in soon and see what wonderful finds we'll have to help you ready your home for the upcoming holiday season!
Here are a few photos of what's new in store.
(Be back soon with more!)

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