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Happy Monday!

Monday, October 20

The crisp chill of Autumn is officially here. Time to bring in the plants and turn on the heat! I really love the change of seasons and can't imagine being without them. Hope you're enjoying your day!
Here's a few new shots of goodies in the store.
Happy Monday!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

I LOVE your blog and your store!!!!! I have looked longingly at every posted picture and look forward to seeing more of your "goodies".
Blessing and Cheer, Lucy

JB Knacker said...

I first found your blog over a year ago. As I sat in our hotel room in northern Minnesota after having dropped our oldest off at college, I found this wonderful blog of an inspiring cottage shop and found out that one of you were also dropping your child off at college. It was such a nice entry...it made me feel a little less sad. I have followed your blog ever since and marvel at your wonderful finds and cool vignettes. As a fellow shop owner in central Iowa, I too welcome the changing seasons! Keep up the good work. Thank You, Brenda

Dena said...

Oh that was fun!!! I could linger in these photos all day :) I just love your shop!


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