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Happy Saturday!

Saturday, October 25

Hope you're enjoying this rainy day. Thanks to everyone who is braving the weather and coming out to shop in spite of the downpour! (We love you for that!)
My hair is the size of Texas as I was outside trying to help an optimistic buyer fit a Victorian game table in an Altima. (Unfortunately sometimes reality wins out over will.) That's why it's good to have friends with trucks.
Have a great weekend!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

"hair the size of Texas" LOL!! I love it.
Welcome to my world of curly, frizzy hair.. When I get compliments now, I say, "Thanks, I was never complimented in the '70's."

Stephanie said...

Reminds me of when we were still doing Saturday farmer's markets. We would pack our entire 10 x 10 booth, including tent and tables, into a PT cruiser!


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