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Thursday, October 9

We want to extend a big fat t h a n k y o u ! to all our friends and customers who came out to help us celebrate our third anniversary! Hope you enjoyed our sale as much as we did!
Now that the dust has settled and the sold items have been picked up, it's time to hit the road and buy more stuff! We've brought in some great new pieces to fill the shop up. And can hardly wait to see what more we will find to layer the cottage with. Stop in soon and see what wonderful finds we'll have to help you ready your home for the upcoming holiday season!
Here are a few photos of what's new in store.
(Be back soon with more!)


Anonymous said...

Morning! I was so excited to find your site! I am visiting via Cynthia Cottage Design! I have been saying since I moved here (WV) that I am going to go shopping one day on King St. Your shop has made me plan on doing just that within the next week! I thought the street looked familiar and then saw where you are! See you soon!!!! Sincerely, Jeannette

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