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Saturday, November 8


Sicilian said...

If I were closer. . . . well I would surely love a visit. . . I do love Christmas. . . such a hopeful time of year.

ابو حزم said...


Debra Facer said...

What a wonderful shop, I wish you were closer I would love to come visit. I love the little green table with drawers, it would be mine if I could get it here. lol. Wonderful vintage christmas. Big Hugs Deb

Lola Enchanted said...

Looks great!

Dena said...

One word...Yummy!


pedalpower said...

Lots of great stuff there! We had our open house this weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the great finds that are always at this great place, that smiley brunette cottage babe is alone worth the trip !! Love it !! Hobbs


I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey....remember me??? I haven't visited for so long. Can I just say I am loving the black settee with the pillows...oh my goodness, it's a good thing you live far away. Stop by sometime.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys mind if I use one of your photos for my header. If you do not want me to, I will take it off but I did reference it to your blog.


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