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A Quick Update...

Sunday, January 25

Ann and I needed some high res pictures of the shop for a project. With the help of some very good friends (thanks Amy and Jean!!) this was the result.

Stay warm and stay inspired!
Linda and Ann
the cottage


cupcake studio said...

Oh my goodness...everything looks so fresh & pretty!

Pam and Chelsea said...

Your store looks wonderful! I have been secretly following your blog...I love seeing how other stores are creative in what they do. How have things been for you guys down in VA? Blogging is something new I've started to help get our name out there, and I've enjoyed meeting other store owners and seeing what they are doing.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your shop!

Anita said...

This is looking so wonderful- those brown and whote pillows are super great...I sure wish I lived closer- IOWA is far away- and COLD.

Thanks for the inpsiration.

Terri Conrad said...

what a warm & cozy cottage you have. wish i could walk on in and shop!

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad Designs

Anonymous said...

I love looking at pictures of your shop. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit. Why are so few items on the online shop? Mary Sue

Dena said...

Just stopping by for some yummy eye-candy. I could linger in your shop for hours :)



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