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a sweet little chair affair

Monday, February 16

I have a sweet obsession with children's chairs. I'm drawn to them. The really well loved ones have always been my favorite. You know the ones, with clever little repairs. A tell tale sign that someone cared enough to reinforce their wobbly little leg with wire, a little bracket or a little scrap of metal. That little repair makes them more valueable to me, an outward sign of just how important they were to someone.

I had a little chair. It was just the right size for me. It was once my father's chair when he was little. Being the youngest of four, it was in my bedroom. When I was little I would rock in it, feeling self important and imagine what I could be. It felt good having something just my size, just for me, that used to be my Dad's.
My children have rocked in that same chair. And I hope their children will rock in it, as well as their children's children too. Maybe not in that same house, but in that same sweet little chair. When I see that little chair that's what I think of now. And when I see any little well loved chair, I think about the little persons who once sat in it and dreamed their sweet little dreams. I guess that's what makes me love children's chairs.

So whatever your size how about taking some time out of your day to sit in your favorite chair and dream a little dream.


Anita said...

The yellow chair is my favorite! I just love yellow. I have a thing for little chairs too...even though my girls are too big for them and my grandsons too small to sit still...But bright colored chairs are my favorite...

I just found your blog...very cute...Stop by for a visit sometime.


English Cottage in Georgia said...

ohhhhh, I would love to have the white distressed hutch. After I figure out how to get the lawnmower in the trunk to take to the repair shop, I work on finding room for the hutch.
My next BFF will have to have a truck and live in Virginia. :-)

Teresa's New Life said...

Love the white chair- love the lamb figurine more. Where are you located?

C. Dianne Zweig said...

how adorable....so glad you were able to be a contributor in Hot Cottage Collectiles for Vintage Style Homes...more of your sweet little chairs are featured in the book.....love your stuff, Dianne, Editor of Iantiqueonline.com and author of Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes.

Anonymous said...



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