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Sunday, April 26

What's hot, the weather! What's new this week - just take a look....
A big thank-you to Candance for the beautiful roses!
Have a great week,
Linda and Ann
the cottage


Lynn said...

Hi, I am so happy for you. I saw the article today. I am in Powhatan, Va. and hope to make a little trip to Leesburg soon and will be sure to visit your shop. Best Wishes, Lynn

Tiara Day said...

Congratulations! Way to go cottage girls!!!! I opened my Romantic Homes and there you were- I am so happy for you. You both work so hard and have a fabulous shop. Congrats! Maria

Kay Smith said...

Hi gals!
Congratulations! I'm an artist/subscriber to Romantic Homes and if ever back in Virginia I'll pay you a visit for sure.

You've a lovely store! Best of luck!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Isn't that green cabinet just the cutest thing? I love how the tiny little detail of adding the little scallop around the top takes it to a whole new level.......Wishing it were mine.

Blessings you,

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I so love your posts! I blow up every pic to get a look at ALL your neat inventory. :-)

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

Got my Romantic Homes this weekend~ love your article. Love your shop, sure wish I could shop it!! = ) Cute blog! I'll enjoy keeping up!
Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage...

The Plum Tree said...

You have some of the neatest things. I will have to get up there to see you soon.
Plum Tree Antiques

Helen said...

Love your Mermaid....Is she still for sale? Wonderful job and love all your things....:)

Two Women Vintage Goods said...

What a lovely article in Romantic Homes. I love the bright, happy decor of your shop. Best of luck!



Terri Conrad said...

I want to click my heels together 3 times and land in Leesburg, VA in this bright & happy cottage.

Quite a "romantic" feature. Congrats!


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