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Guess what?

Friday, September 18

It's unanimous. The recession is officially over!
If you're in town help us celebrate its demise at the cottage. ( And treat yourself to a pumpkin or two.) We'll be celebrating all weekend!
Hope to see you!
Ann and Linda


Unknown said...

Love it!!! I'm new to your blog..Just wished I lived there to shop there...I'm in Tuttle,Oklahoma...All so cute to look at:)

The Green Pea said...

Everything is so cute! I live in CA and it is still in the 100's and I can not think of Fall yet. sandi

Barnyard Country Gifts said...

Love all the pictures of the recession sale. It is so sad I live in The Netherland. So many great stuff. You must be sold out in no time.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

Oh girls...how I wish I was there! Please just pack it all up and send it to me in Illinois! I might have to give you a call ...I see a few things that might have to make the trip!!!!!!

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

What a cute idea. I love the black balloons and the sign is wonderful! Everything looks great and from the pictures I see lots of people coming in! That's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!! Your blog has to be one of the cutest blogs I have seen in along time.

I invite to visit our blog from deep south Texas.


KR said...

Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I hope the sale goes GREAT! :)


Ticking and Toile said...

oh my goodness!!! Love all the pics! How I wish I could visit your shop.....it looks totally adorable! I'll take one of everything ;-)

Love your blog!


Apron of the Month Club said...

Lets all hope the recession is coming to an end. It took us a while to get into it, and I'm sure it will take us a while to get out. Happy Harvest! Yoli

Connie said...

What a great sale. I'm sure your pocketbook is lighter !

I loved those pastel ladders -- so cute and what a conversation piece.


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