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Time to Nest

Wednesday, September 30

What's that? No steady humming and whirling of the air-conditioning unit! The windows are open, the leaves show a slight hint of crimson and gold and I'm wearing a sweater! It must be FALL! Gosh I love this season. Everything about it!
As we find ourselves beginning to stay indoors a little more, it's time to think rich color, texture and warmth. Well, the cottage is doing just that. We have layered the shop with more intense color, warm wood tones, harvest tables for your holiday gatherings and those one-of-a-kind items to finish and complete the look you are looking for.
Before you get too sore from raking all those leaves, stop in and see for yourself. It's time to hunker down, it's time to NEST!
Ann and Linda
the cottage


Ticking and Toile said...

love your stuff...wish I could come shop!!


AngelaHolt said...

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