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A Hint of Things to Come....

Wednesday, August 25

the fall season is creeping, sneaking in...
jeweled tone ribbons, rich with color and texture
muted florals infused with summer's fading blooms
sweet vintage prints
vintage store counters to house that all too important flat screen or to display your favorite collections
(sorry, but this awesome guy sold the minute we brought it in)
old workbenches make great islands or console tables
coffee tables
bold prints in vibrant colors for the new season
old-as-dirt treasure boxes
hand painted signs to layer your homes
magnet birds flying in to keep things organized
we even have a little free advice for you
retro red - love it!
console tables - reinvented with old barn wood and horse jumping posts
stacks of vintage suitcases and trunks make cool side tables and night stands

Trick or Treat? (in this heat?)

Wednesday, August 11

Don't mean to rush the seasons.  There is nothing worse than Halloween candy in the grocery stores in August or Christmas stuff for that matter!  But having said that, the cottage received a costume catalog today.  I remember my kids many years ago carrying these things around for weeks, going back and forth on that all too important decision what to be for Halloween.  Of course, for anyone who knows my kids, Zach was always Batman, every year, always!  Anyway, as I thumbed through the catalog, I came across this....

How cute are these?!  The catalog is CostumeExpress or you can find them online at http://www.costumeexpress.com/
Don't worry, cooler times are almost here and these two little garden knomes could be knocking on your door before you know it!

Check out what's new!

Wednesday, August 4

vintage tablecloth turned lavender sachets
wonderful carved vanity with mirror
old pink painted corner cupboard
french blue corner cupboard
beautiful bench or daybed
sweet vintage sewing basket with lid
another view of the bench
old screen door guards make cool jewelry displays
another little corner cupboard
we love this old red painted stand with awesome pulls
salmon-y colored planter

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