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We're 5 years old!

Thursday, September 23

Come celebrate with us next week (October 1st-3rd) as we turn 5 B I G ones!  The cottage will be crammed, packed and jammed full of new stuff at awesome prices with a few surprises thrown in.  We'll have our party shoes all polished up!  Please join us Friday, October 1st, from 10am to 9pm and Saturday & Sunday, from 10am to 5pm!

Something YOU Gotta See.....

Thursday, September 16

Our dear sweet friend, Amy Powers, over at http://www.inspirecompany.com/ has just launched the coolest thing ever!  Her first ever virtual magazine called "inspired ideas".  Such a labor of love and creativity.  The photos are amazing, not to mention the many artists who contributed their talents, including Charlotte Lyons!  Miss Amy has already started brainstorming her next issue which will feature Christmas ideas of all kinds.  Who knows, maybe the cottage girls will take a stab at creating something for the holidays!

 Do pop over and see this.  We promise it will inspire you!

Things they are a change n'

Thursday, September 9

Whooo, me!
Sunflowers = Happiness
lovvve this tufted side chair!

An old crate turned kitchen island

Every room should have a touch of black

we have such a weakness for vintage trikes and children's chairs
I think she's sweet for Mr. Pumpkin Head
We have had an especially busy week.  Anytime you transition from one season to another at the cottage it's quite the undertaking.  Going from summer's playful bursts of beachy colors to autumn's jeweled tones and harvest-time pale ales is never an easy flip.  But we love this time of year and flip we must.  Orange and black, tweeds and plaid, throws and layers, turtlenecks and cords - Fall is here!

And did I hear someone say the number "5"?!  I believe I did.  And since you asked, the cottage will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary next month.  I know, we can't believe it either.  So stay tuned for the announcements and fanfare - really!

Until then, throw on Aunt Shirley's afghan and enjoy the new pics.

Hope to see you soon,
Linda and Ann
the cottage gals

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