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Saturday, October 2

We've had more fun at the cottage this week.  We've also worked really hard.  Rooms have been cleared, cleaned, painted and filled back up again.  Aside from our 5th year celebration preparation, we would like to welcome Seasons NL,  Molly Strong and Vintage Maison  & Co., our newest cottage girls.  It's been a little like Christmas for Ann and I as they have moved in their incredible loot.  Take a look for yourself -
This 8 1/2' cupboard sold immediately!

Custom order signs make great gifts!

How cute for a baby's room!

The Welcome Wagon has been rolled out!

The holidays are coming.  Is your guestroom ready?

Pillows can change a room instantly and inexpensively.


Debby said...

So many great things.

molly susan strong said...

O and there is so much more. I am so glad to be even a ittle part of these great cottage gals!!

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