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Christmas at The Cottage

Sunday, November 14

Our theme this year is "Time for Peace".  World Peace, personal peace, peace-of-mind, peace&love, peace be with you, peace and quiet - just let everyone experience a little peace this season!  We hope as you wonder around our little shop we can allow you to forget what ever may be troubling you at the moment and take a little "you" time, perhaps finding some peace.


1 Funky Woman said...

I am so drooling at the wonderful Christmas decor I see. I am loving the Christmas pictures and the subway art. I wish I lived closer!


TheSmithHotel said...

Love all of it! Yes, I think we could all use a little peace this time of year! Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Very inspiring. I especially love the bedroom photo with the two wtwin beds decorated for the holidays...
Thanks for sharing

{beth} said...

I wish I lived close enough to visit...your store looks simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love the theme, and that clock face covered Christmas tree is terrific! I love, love, love that big chippy off-white painted shelf in the same room as the clock faced tree (up on the wall)... just gorgeous!!
I'm gonna say it again... wish I lived closer so I could shop in your beautiful store!!
Happy day!
~ Jo :)

Carrie said...

Loving the wonderful and creative Christmas ideas provided by your photos! I found you via a pin by blue velvet chair! Your newest follower,


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