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Wednesday, May 18

Sometimes you run across an old something that just speaks to you.  Perhaps it was the texture that only years and years of use or weather engraved its mark upon it.  Maybe it spoke to you because the color reminded you of pink ballet dancers on your birthday cake or that shade of robin's egg blue we all try so hard to capture in our homes now.  Doesn't really matter, if it stirs a deep feeling, you find a place in your home to add another layer of detail.

I know this is a blog about our shop, but please indulge me for just a moment....

our 6-month old Jack Russell "Puc" sunbathing!
sorry, it just cracks us up!

we've had so much fun watching momma robin with her babies!
wow, is she ever the worker!

more, more, NOW!

never happy!

After you've been collecting as long as we have, you become a little selective in what you take home.  You kinda have to, otherwise your homes start looking like your shop.  Lately my house has been making my skin crawl a little.  I'm feeling like it's time to edit, drastically!  Having said that, I did bring something home recently...

This pair of vintage horses came from an old child's riding toy.  They are double-sided and the colors have worn and faded over the years, giving them that wonderful patina we love so.  I think they work right into my summer mantle scape!  Every so often, we do give ourselves permission to keep a few of the wonderful things we buy for the shop.

And if Ann could keep something, I think she'd take this baby home for her wine collection.....

Just saying!  Love you Ann!


Anonymous said...

You lucky duck finding those charming old horses. I have seen the ducks before in the old rocking chairs but not those fabulous horses. I hardly ever have the time to blog hop anymore but the workers are at my house this morning and I just felt like doing "nothing" for a change. And I found your blog!! Love it! I was at your wonderful shop last Fall. I took a girl trip, stayed at a B & B in Leesburg and explored for a day. I bought something wonderful from you. Have a wonderful week. xo

Denise said...

You have given me another reason to yearn for a trip to Leesburg, VA! How much are the mermaids on the walls...the blue ones with the shells? Will you ship?
Glad to have found you. denise

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