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Got Ladders!

Tuesday, June 21

the ladders are coming, the ladders are coming!

you can use them as a towel rack, magazine rack or a pot rack

you can use them as a trellis in the garden, a roost in the chicken coop or a store display

hang your favorite quilts or hang them horizontally and display your favorite art

...in any case, WE HAVE LADDERS!

Look What's New.....

Sunday, June 12

that about says it all!

garden inspired pillows, vintage quilts, sachets and ribbon pins

vintage school lockers

sweet cottage dresser with glove boxes and mirror

walnut wash stand

turned leg coffee table

all you need a pitcher of sangria, oops I mean lemonade!

this one is a keeper.  i'm struggling with parting with this awesome
pine dresser.  just love the simple lines.

we have a saying around here, "if you can't go out, go up" and we've done just that.
farm tables, side tables, library tables, zinc top tables, industrial tables

full size vintage iron bed, dressed in summer's citrus!
love the contrast!

love the detail in this frame

sweet pillow made with vintage and new fabrics

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