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Inching towards a new season....

Thursday, August 18

School supplies have been out for weeks, Halloween candy is showing up in the grocery stores already and if you still need a bathing suit - you're outta luck!  Ahhhh, the waning days of summer are making their way for cooler days. 
The Cottage is doing a little changing of it's own.  We've got harvest tables coming out of our ears, sideboards, cupboards and sets of chairs, all in time for those anticipated holiday gatherings.

School begins August 29th!

vintage hinged rulers

L O V E this chippy sideboard!

pair of painted bookcases

pair of louvered side stands

I Want it ALL!!!

Friday, August 12

When you have a shop, you come across tons of really cool things.  I mean after all you're pretty much shopping all the time for stuff you LOVE (did I say how much I love my job).  It's important to keep only what you truly love, because pretty quickly your home can start looking like, well, a shop (or one of those "hoarders")!  The reason I bring this up at all is in the last couple of weeks, some pretty neato stuff has come into the shop and I want most of it.  I'm really trying to be good, but it's been a bit of a test.

industrial is HUGE right now and this factory cart has removable shelves.
it would work great with a flat screen or in a kitchen-it even has a towel bar on the left side.

ironstone, chippy cupboard and hydrangea = LOVE

these itty bitty creamers are too cute

gorgeous hand painted cottage bed

molly's hand painted signs

someone long, long ago spent a great deal of time making this chair.
i love it too

try putting a loved keepsake in something out-of-the-box like an old clock case

harvest tables

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