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I Want it ALL!!!

Friday, August 12

When you have a shop, you come across tons of really cool things.  I mean after all you're pretty much shopping all the time for stuff you LOVE (did I say how much I love my job).  It's important to keep only what you truly love, because pretty quickly your home can start looking like, well, a shop (or one of those "hoarders")!  The reason I bring this up at all is in the last couple of weeks, some pretty neato stuff has come into the shop and I want most of it.  I'm really trying to be good, but it's been a bit of a test.

industrial is HUGE right now and this factory cart has removable shelves.
it would work great with a flat screen or in a kitchen-it even has a towel bar on the left side.

ironstone, chippy cupboard and hydrangea = LOVE

these itty bitty creamers are too cute

gorgeous hand painted cottage bed

molly's hand painted signs

someone long, long ago spent a great deal of time making this chair.
i love it too

try putting a loved keepsake in something out-of-the-box like an old clock case

harvest tables


Robin said...

OH !!!! I wish I was there right now.Everything is so yummy..."I want it ALL!!" thanks for sharing..

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

I LOVE it ALL too! Those little creamers are precious! Your shop looks great.

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