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If you were here right now....

Friday, September 30

So if you were here right now, you would see these ALL over the shop...

You'd also see this...

and you'd also see this...

snacking on these...

adorning your pretty little wrists with these....

We are jammed packed, fluffed and buffed for the newly arrived fall weather and seriously marked down some incredible vintage finds!  Hope to see you all.

Mark Your Calendars!

Sunday, September 25

Just in case you didn't receive our email invite or read our facebook page we thought we'd let you know here...the cottage is turning 6!  This Friday, September 30 through October 3rd, the cottage will be celebrating its 6th Anniversary! The cottage gals have jammed their rooms full, marked awesome finds on SALE and we are introducing a new dealer as well.  PLEASE join us from 10 to 5 each day and help us celebrate the coming fall season and another year!
the cottage...well loved furnishings
105 S. King St.
Leesburg, VA 20175

Fallin' for a New Look!

Thursday, September 8

Ahhhh, the changing seasons.  Just in time too.  The 3 h's (hazy, hot & humid) are beyond old by now.  Time to change it up a bit.  Take a look at what we've been up to...........................

just in case he needs reminding

great piece on wheels, some shelves slide out

quite proud of our pumpkin patch this year!

vintage styled lantern + battery operated tealight=Halloween Fun

I think we did feel the earthquake!

primitive meets industrial


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