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Going Green

Saturday, March 17

Take a look at how The Cottage does Spring  at Chartreuse & Co. ....

The weekend sale is going on now !  The barn is open till 4pm today and 12 to 4 tomorrow.
Tons of great stuff still left and it's a beautiful weekend for a drive in the country.


Lily Dily said...

Can I say WOW! I LOVE your booth!! I is everything I love! I wish I didn't live so far away...here in Florida. Curious...only b/c I fell in love with your white lamps...and the archway window...and..lol. What is the price of these? Can I ask? Do you ship any of your items or have an Etsy Shop? You should...just saying! Beautiful post...thanks, Linda

Connie said...

Your store is a dream come true. I don't believe I have very seen one more appealing. Why do you have to be 3,000 miles away. That makes it pretty hard to jump in the old pick-up and go shopping. Marvelous inventory, simply beautiful. Your fan and follower, Connie

cottage power said...

Dear Lily Dily,

Thank you so much. I wish you lived closer too.
I think I priced the arched window at $139 and the lamps are $89ea. I don't have an Etsy shop and unfortunately don't ship either. As you can well imagine, my plate is very full with my shop and space at Chartreuse & Co.!
Thanks for peeking in.


Erin said...

Sorry I missed your call - thought it would be easiest to email about the chalkboard I'm interested in. It's the simple one, the the arch, featured in picture 6 (do you know the size)- do you know the price of this one. And it also looks like you have a square on in picture 10.


janice15 said...

I love it all, the white hutch chairs and little round tables...I'm just sick wanting to be there and purchase some things...

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